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appolo BI is a web application aimed to provide advanced data and insights to support managerial decision-making. It works on centralized data platforms and can be accessed on any device with internet access.
appolo CH is an application developed to support medical activities in the administration of anticoagulant therapy.
appolo CRM is a web application which allows scheduling, registration and electronic invoicing of prescriptions. Provides a centric approach to the management of laboratory clients' full clinical processes.
appolo LIMS grants control over all laboratory processes, spanning pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical and billing phases. Developed as a modular and scalable solution, adapts to laboratories of different types and dimensions.
appolo PORTAL works as a data repository, allowing access to results and documents for both users and health professionals. It's a 100% web application, running on central servers and usable on any remote device with internet access.
Stock control is essential for the efficient management of any company. With multi-warehouse operation, appolo STOCKS enables the centralized management of orders, supplies, warehouse exits and stocks.