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Cookie policy

We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files installed on the device you use to visit websites (Desktop PC, mobile phone, tablet or other). They are widely used to ensure the proper functioning of websites and are required for the implementation of specific functionalities.

What cookies are used and for what purpose?

We use a reduced number of third party cookies to collect data on the behavior of visitors on our website, namely:

  • AddThis - we use AddThis to provide easy to use tools for sharing our content on social networks. This allows us to collect information about what content our visitors share, the social networks they share it to and when they do it;
  • Google Analytics - the use of this service aims to understand how visitors arrive at the website and what content they view. Some of collected information regards the technology of the devices used, as well as geographical elements that allow us, for example, to adapt the website for better navigability on mobile devices or what content we should make available;
  • Google Maps - we use Google Maps on our website, therefore, on pages that include these maps, your browser may store cookies from Google so they can be correctly rendered;
  • Google ReCAPTCHA - the use of this service aims to include elements of SPAM control in the different forms available on our website. As in the previous one, your browser may also store cookies from Google for its correct presentation.

Should I accept the use of cookies?

The use of the cookies described here is essential for the correct and full functioning of the website, so its acceptance is recommended.

How can I manage my cookie preferences?

You can, at any time, configure your preferences regarding the cookies used on our website using the button shown at the top center, labeled "Privacy settings". You will be presented with a small message and two options:

  • Accept - choosing this option will allow the cookies described here to be stored on your device and the website will work in its entirety;
  • No thanks - this option inhibits the use of cookies on our website, which means some features may not work correctly.

Additionally, you can set the rules for cookies' usage in your browser settings. Here's a reference to the documentation of the main browsers: