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appolo LIMS

A full-featured application to control all laboratory processes. Modular and scalable, adapts to laboratories of different types and dimensions.

appolo LIMS grants control over all laboratory processes, spanning pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical and billing phases. Developed as a modular and scalable solution, it can be adapted to fit laboratories of different types and dimensions.

In the pre-analytical phase, the highlights are the applied methodologies to ensure users provide the best support to patients, prescription control, the usage of mobile devices on sample collection sites and the control over the check-in of biological products with automatic routing.

appolo LIMS integrates with numerous external applications (HIS) for incoming analysis requests, resulting in faster and safer registration processes. It also uses advanced sample identification technology, allowing the labeling of each container with a unique registration identifier.

In the analytical phase, quality control and interfaces with equipment take center stage. Regarding quality control, it's possible to use the built-in module or resort to external applications. In terms of analysis equipment, appolo LIMS is able to communicate with a high number of equipment (300+), eliminating the need of external applications to ensure connectivity. All products are monitored and sent to the equipment in real time, ending with their automatic storage in the designated locations.

As for the post-analytical phase, our solution provides advanced tools for automatic validation or assistance with manual validation when necessary, usage of delta check and alerts. The results can be made available on printers, web applications, e-mail, SMS or through interfaces with other applications.

appolo LIMS is certified and can take care of the entire billing process, with users, public entities or other business customers / service providers. It has built-in features enabling electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) with all the companies in the market, simplifying processes and allowing for faster payments. Additionally, our software can integrate with ERP or billing and accounting applications.